Thin Skin Wigs Info
Thin Skin Wigs Info

Thin Skin Remy Wigs

Thin skin wigs are remy hair replacement wigs that are made to resemble human skin. The remy hair in thin skin wigs are less prone to shedding and once applied, the remy hair appears to be coming out of the scalp. We can put thin skin in any location on a remy lace wig. The most popular location is around the edges, front hairline only, back hairline only, or an entire full thin skin cap. We tend to recommend the full thin skin cap to clients who have aggressive hair loss or who may be completely bald. The full thin skin caps can feel too hot if you have a lot of hair, so it's best for those who are bald. Thin skin wigs are great for those who are bald, because once applied, they will lay snug on your head and have a sort of vacuum tight seal similar to a swimmers cap. With any wig, the concern of most is will the wig feel secure? With thin skin wigs they are highly preferred amongst those with hair loss because the thin skin material will form a tight suction that will be secure but not feel too tight or cause feelings of claustrophobia.

For those whom are bald, they will have an even better adhesion or hold time with thin skin wigs, because if you choose a full thin skin wig, then you will be able to apply the wig with liquid adhesive to the full dome of your head. The only issue with full thin skin wigs is that when we make the unit to have a full thin skin base, there will be no lace in the middle which is positioned to allow breath-ability of the scalp. Since that can become hot at times, we recommend the full thin skin bases to clients who live in cooler, warm climates & not hot or humid climates or those who may be very active or workout a lot. Please note that if you are choosing a full thin skin wig, we can only use accurate measurements & we cannot make them in the general sizes of small, medium, or large. So you will need to take your measurements so we can supply you with a wig that will be nice & snug for you.

With thin skin wigs, its best to have hair densities that are under 115%. When the hair is too dense on a thin skin wig, the wig can become to heavy and may look like a wig, which is what we do not want. The hairs of a thin skin wig are injected into the thin skin material, which helps the thin skin wig to last a little longer than typical Swiss lace wigs. Just as with lace wigs, we prefer to apply thin skin wigs with liquid adhesive because the thin wig will become almost undetectable once applied correctly.

If you need any help in order a thin skin wig, please call us anytime at 1-800-714-3189,

Please our actual pictures of a Thin Skin Remy Wig that has 1" Thin Skin Around the edges. The Thin Skin color used on the wig below is neutral, but has a light brown.