Cranial Prosthesis - Medical Wigs Covered 100% By Insurance
MyWigsAndWeaves specializes in cranial prosthesis medical wigs which feature human hair light weight ventilated comfort quality wigs. Our Medical Wigs are 100% Covered in Full by Insurance Providers.

MyWigsAndWeaves is the leading designer of high fashion and hair prosthesis. We specialize in the finest quality hair goods available. We have a team of 28 expert cranial prosthesis makers and we make you a handmade cranial prosthesis to perfection. We provide cranial prosthesis hair system for those who may be experiencing hair loss from alopecia, scalp infections, trichotillomania chemotherapy, radiation or other treatments resulting from medical problems. We advise our clients to begin the process of looking for a cranial prosthesis once diagnosed.
Our division that handles medical insurance coverage is MNM Ecommerce Group, LLC - DME, Cranial Prosthesis Division. In all corresponding paperwork to get your claim handled in a speedy manner, make sure to reference this division for all insurance and prescription requests.

We currently accept the following methods of payment with Insurance Benefits:

1. Flexible Spending Account / Health Savings Account - You Can Use your FSA or HSA Credit Card.
We accept FSA & HSA Cards for all Insurance companies.

If you have flexible spending dollars & need a wig for medical purposes, call us at 1.800.714.3189 & we can have your order processed within 24 hours.

2. Traditional Insurance Coverage - Standard Paper Claims
Currently we are only processing Insurance claims for the following companies:
Tri-Care ( Individuals who have Military Insurance Benefits )
Veteran's Administration
Blue Cross Blue Shield

If you have Tri-Care or VA Medical Benefits, call us at 1.800.714.3189 & we can have your claim processed within 7-10 Business Days.