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How to Receive a Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wig Via Three Ways
Use Your Benefits to Purchase Any Wig on our Entire Website - 1-800-714-3189

1. Insurance Claim - We currently file Insurance Claims for all Major Providers including Aetna, Blue Cross, Cigna, Humana, Tricare and United Healthcare. We are able to file claims with most local and smaller providers also. If your provider is not listed, complete the form and we will contact the provider to provide your services.

2. Flexible Spending Account - We are able to accept all types of HSA and Flexible Spending Accounts to purchase a Medical Cranial Prosthesis

3. National Alopecia Foundation - Grant Program for Financial Disadvantaged Women to Receive $500 to purchase a Wig

Option 1 - Insurance Medical Wigs - Use your Insurance Medical Coverage to purchase a Cranial Prosthesis

If you have medical insurance, you may be covered to receive a medical wig for hair loss. At MyWigsAndWeaves, we will have a representative to contact you first to discuss your medical hair needs. If your hair loss is has resulted from a medical condition, we will make the necessary calls and file the claims to help you get a medical wig at little to no cost to you. Below is our contact form, for a phone consultation. In most cases, if there is a medical need and insurance is in place, we can file your claim within 1-2 business days,.
The actual coverage amount will be determined by your insurance company. Most insurance companies will cover only a portion that usually starts around $350 & goes up to the thousands. If you choose an item that exceeds the amount of coverage that is provided by your insurance provider, you can pay the difference for the unit.


Option 2 - Flexible Spending Account or Health Savings Account - Use your FSA or HSA Benefits to purchase a Cranial Prosthesis

Our second option for coverage is via Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Accounts. If you have either a HSA/FSA account and medical hair loss, you can use these benefits to purchase a medical wig. You can also complete the short form above & we will call and discuss your options.


Option 3 - Apply for Grant with National Alopecia Areata Foundation - Receive $500 to purchase a Wig

The National Alopecia Areata Foundation is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping individuals who are affected by Alopecia Areata. They have a grant progam, The ASCOT FUND, in which they will grant selected individuals a grant of $500 to receive a wig. Fore more details on how to get an application to apply, call 1.800.714.3189 or complete the form above.


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*Eternity" Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wig
*Life" Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wig
*Utopia" Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wig
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*Confidence" Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wig
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*Anticipation" Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wig
*Trust" Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wig
*Cheer" Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wig
*Amour" Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wig
*Cherishing" Cranial Prosthesis Medical Wig
A Hair prosthesis (or cranial prosthesis), is a custom-made wig specifically designed for patients who have lost their hair as a result of medical conditions or treatments, such as alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, trichotillomania, chemotherapy, or any other clinical disease or treatment resulting in hair loss. The terminology is used when applying for medical insurance or tax deduction status.

While you are awaiting the status of your claim, have your doctor to write you a prescription for a "Cranial Prosthesis". Also on this prescription, have your doctor to include your specific diagnosis. ( For Example: If you have been diagnosed with Alopecia, there are different types. Have your doctor to be very detailed & to include the exact strand/type of medical condition that has caused your hair loss & include a short letter explaining your illness and the effects on your daily life). You will submit this prescription along with your doctor's letter to our company. We will then contact you so that we may submit your claim to your insurance provider. We are very familiar with this process and we want to get your medical wig to you as soon as possible. We will prepare your invoice correctly the first time to ensure there are no mistakes from the start.

Insurance Procedure Codes: S8095 and A9282 (these codes are used for the Full Cranial Prosthesis)

Common code for Wigs = S8095
Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) for wigs = A9282
3. Take some photos of your without hair & write a short letter of the effects that hair loss has had on your daily life.
4. The process to filing an insurance claim can take a total of 7-10 business days.
So to get started we only need for you to first give us a call. We will help you with everything from there.
Please note that most insurance companies will cover 80% to 100% of the cost.


The process of dealing with hair loss can be emotionally traumatic and hard to deal with. At we have compassionate representatives whom work daily with clients who are experiencing hair loss. In the USA, over 30 million women are dealing with hair loss and the number is rapidly increasing. We strive to find the best solution that will make you feel comfortable and help you transition into a hair system that will look and feel natural. Many prefer to match their new cranial prosthesis medical wig to their current hair color. We can send your a hair color ring at no cost, so that you may compare to your own hair color or even show to your hair stylist for a second opinion. For additional help, please call 1-800-714-3189