Angel Dark Brown & Honey Blonde Deep Parting Human Hair Blend Curly Lace Front Wig 18-20""
Human Hair Wig Blend Lace Front Wig

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Experience our new line of Human Hair Blended Wigs! The hair is made from a mixture of Human Hair and Premium Synthetic Swiss Fibers. The hair can be curled safely up to 350 degrees and very easy to maintain. The colors are vibrant and the fit of the caps are average and will fit most head sizes. The caps are constructed from a durable French Lace and will look and comfortable once applied. Our wigs can be applied without adhesive and are great for those who are in need of a new look and short on time.
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: $120.00
Hair Texture: Premium Human Hair Blend with Silk Synthetic Fibers
Hair Color: Dark Brown with Honey Blonde Highlights
Hair Length: 18-20"
Construction: 2" Deep French Lace Invisible Part / Lace Front Wig and & Stretch Wefts in the Back
Cap Color: Natural Color

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How To Wear A Wig:

Wearing a wig for the very first time might seem like a daunting thing to do, but don?t worry! It?s actually easier than you might think. Wigs are designed to fit your head perfectly & they are adjustable, stretchy and made from soft materials to assist in a long and comfortable wear. To make wearing your new wig as easy as possible, just follow these simple steps:

Style your wig a little! It's so much easier to get your wig looking fabulous if it's on a head or in your hand. Shake it out a little, lightly style and get it looking how you would like.

If you have your own hair, it's important to secure it up and out of the way. Even if you have very short hair, a wig cap is a very helpful. If you have a lot of hair, sectioning it into several pieces is a good plan to avoid having lumps or bumps under your wig - curl up and pin sections of hair to the side of your head, like a spiral. Then place the wig cap over the top of your head & slide it back as far as you can, generally right to your hairline. If you feel the need, you can also slide in a hairpin here and there to lock the cap in place. If you do not have any hair, a wig cap will provide comfort during the day and protect your skin from rubbing.

Once your hair is nice and safely tucked away, you're ready to apply your new wig! Starting at the front of your wig, place the front of the wig against your forehead and slide the wig back and down over the back of your head ? The back of the cap should sit snugly at the nape of your neck where your own hairline finishes.

Ensure your wig is centered and on correctly by feeling the area on the temple area in front of your ears. Your wig at the front should be worn along your natural hairline, or just in front for a lace front wig. Wigs usually have an adjustable velcro or hook system in the nape area. If your wig feels too loose or too tight, remove it and adjust to suit your head shape.

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