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We found 0 results matching your criteria. offers Remy Lace Wigs with Silk Bases. Our Silk Base is the newest upgrade for Lace Wigs. The silk base is a material that we hand sew onto the lace wig, that gives the scalp an even more realistic appearance of hair growing from your scalp. The silk base has no knots & is totally invisible. The process of making the knots appear invisible is called Reverse Ventilation. With this technique, the top crown part of your wig will now be 100% undetectable. You will no longer have to wear a stocking cap under your wig to get a natural scalp look, the silk base is all that is needed.

We have clients who ask, Well I like the Swiss Lace Wig that I already get, do I need to upgrade? Not necessarily. This is simply an upgrade . For the regular Swiss Lace Wigs, when you part your unit, it will have the appearance of a scalp, but the knots are not invisible, just undetectable. With the Silk Base, the knots will now be invisible where the silk base is located. As for some clients, they like the traditional Swiss Lace Wigs, because the knots may give a more natural appearance, whereas some think the invisible knots look more natural. It is simply a question of personal taste, but we offer both ways so that we may serve all of our clients' needs.

For our in stock silk base units, they will typically have a 4x4 Silk base at the top of the wig, for parting starting from the hairline going back to the crown area. If you prefer to have a larger silk base, then we will need to customize the unit. You can see our line of custom items at the following link: CUSTOMIZE REMY FULL LACE WIGS. If you need help in placing an order or choosing a remy lace wig, please contact us at 1-800-714-3189.