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How long do the wigs last?
Last Updated: 08/03/2017
The durability of the lace wig unit will depend on your activity level and how often you wear the wig. On average remy human hair wigs last from 8-12 months. Halfway through ownership, most individuals will send their wig in for repair. Repair fees are nominal and the average repair ticket is normally $110. Upon wig repair, we can add more hair to the wig, more or fresh lace, and repair in holes or tears in the wig cap. If the curl pattern has loosened, we can restore the hair pattern also. With repair, the wig will look about 95% new & will last another 8-12 months.

Synthetic wigs normally last up to 3 months. Due to the low price of synthetic wigs, they are not eligible for repair.

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