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Can I change the length of the wig?
We carry a vast assortment of long & short wigs. If the length you desire is not available as an in stock wig, we can custom make you a shorter or longer length. All of the wigs on our website can
Can you swim in these wigs?
Yes, you can do all of the same activities that you currently do with your own hair. We recommend that after every swim, that you wash your hair in a clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine, salt, and/o
How long does it take to make a custom made lace front wig?
For all of the items we carry, they are handmade & customized for each individual client, so please be patient & allow our wigmakers to do what they are famous for. If you need to get an update on yo
I have a picture of a wig that I want made. Can you make it for me?
Yes. Please send an email to Customer Service with your order request, along with the attached pictures. Our representative will confirm if the item can be made and give you details on how to place th
I want to have a ready to ship wig made as a custom wig, is this possible?
Yes click this link to place a custom order: Custom Order Form.
What is the difference between French, Swiss, & Optimum Invisi Lace?
French lace is a thicker lace & very durable. It is sometimes suggested for first timers, because of its strength. It makes for a strong wig cap, but is not as undetectable as the Swiss or Optimum Inv
What is the difference between In Stock/Ready to Ship Wigs, Custom Wigs, & Optimum Invisi Lace Wigs?
In Stock Wigs These wigs are made with all lace caps, but they have a thin layer of stretch material in the middle. They have three standard sizes: Small, Medium, & Large. On average 85% of our client
What is your Custom Wig Order & Deposit Policy?
For Custom wigs these iems are made especially for you. Once you place a custom order, you have 3 days to call & make a change to the custom options of the wig. After 3 days, we cannot make any change