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Headwraps, Scarves, and Hats For Medical Hair Loss Alopecia

Scarves and Head Wraps for Medical Hair Loss

When experiencing medical hair loss, there is a large array of options for head coverings. The comfort, convenience, and style offered by scarves, headwraps, and hats make them the perfect choice on those days when an individualized look is desired. It may be tempting to pull a favorite scarf out of the closet or to make a quick run to the nearest department store for a hat with which to cover your head.

In deciding whether to wear a scarf, headwrap, or hat here are a few things to consider to make your wearing experience more comfortable and attractive.

Coverage: A scarf or hat should cover the back of the neck for warmth in cooler climates, and to protect from the sun in warmer climates. Always wear sunscreen for maximum protection against sunburn and skin damage.

Material: Look for a soft material that will not irritate or scratch against the skin. Cotton is often a good choice for comfort and ease of care, but a softer material such as silk may easily be worn with a cotton sleep cap underneath to keep it from slipping.

Seams: Look for a scarf, wrap, or hat with few or no seams to rub against the skin and cause irritation.

Volume: A wrap or hat with some extra volume will give the illusion of hair beneath it if desired.

Climate: The materials used for the head covering should be appropriate for the climate in which it will be worn. The head should be kept warm, of course, but in a warm climate, the wrap should ideally be in a lighter, cooler fabric.

Fashion: There are endless ways to wrap and tie a scarf, and many examples and tutorials can easily be found online. Headbands, brooches, and other accessories can also be added for an individualized style statement.

Videos on Ways to Tie A Head Scarf

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