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Wig Attachment Information
Last Updated: 12/23/2010
Daily Care & Maintenance

- For all of our Remy hair products, we only recommend the use of Brandywine Wig products. We have found that sing regular products that are formulated for Human Hair will lead to shedding, tangling, & matting of Remy hair. Unlike the hair that grows from one head, once hair has been cut to make a wig, frontal, or extension, the hair no longer receives nutrients or oils that our bodies normally provide. These oils are essential in breaking down chemicals that are normally found in regular human hair maintenance products ( i.e. - shampoo, conditioner, gels, oils, hair sprays, etc). So when you apply the regular human hair products, to Remy hair, the products will weigh the hair down, because there are no natural oils being excreted through the hair shaft, to break the products down. It's in the weighing down of the hair, that the hair will shed & when it becomes too heavy, the hair can lock or matt together.

We recommend the use of only Brandywine products, because they are made especially for Remy hair. We do not provide support for any other hair products, hair dyes,  hair rinses, or any other chemicals that are on the market. Use of any other hair products can and/or will result in permanent, irreversible damage to your unit. We cannot repair, replace, or refund for a unit that has been damaged by products.  Just using regular human hair products once, can result in permanent damage. Use of any  hair products, outside of Brandywine products, will void our satisfaction guarantee for your product.

For the Brandywine products, we carry their complete line of accessories. To view the available items, please visit

Adhesives & Tapes Info

- We carry many different brands of adhesives & tapes. As lace wigs & frontals have become more popular, more beauty supplies have started to offer more inexpensive options for adhesives & tapes. Beware. We recommend that you stay away from these products because they are formulated for cheaper wigs that are made from much thicker laces. When you use most adhesives that are found in beauty supplies, you will see that they are so thick that they will be impossible to remove from your lace wig or cause your wig to tear because of how thick the adhesive is.

We currently only provide support for the following adhesives, tapes, & removers:
Liquid Adhesives - Ultra Hold, Invisi Bond, Vapon, Secure, Safe Grip, & Endura Bond
Adhesive Removers - C22 Citrus Spray, Pure Citrus
Adhesion Tapes -Super Tape, Lace Front Support Tape, & No Gluetm Tape

We do not provide support for any of adhesives or tapes. Use of any of adhesives or tapes, outside of the listed products above, will void our company's satisfaction guarantee for your product.

Application Info

Most clients like to wear their Remy hair units, extended amounts of time. The best way to achieve an extended wear is by applying tape & liquid adhesive to your unit. We recommend the following :

  1. Do not cut the lace. First slip your wig on & make sure that it fits. It should cover all of your hair on your head. If it doesn't fit properly, put it back in the box & give us a call. If you do decide to keep your unit, make sure you are satisfied with your units appearance & fit. Check your invoice & make sure everything meets your approval. Once your cut the lace the unit is yours & cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason.
  2. Cut all of the lace off your unit up to wear the hair starts.
  3. Start with the front hairline. Apply a thin layer of scalp protector to your front hairline. Let it dry 5 minutes.
  4. Apply the tape of your choice along your front hairline. Remember, the wider your tape, the lower your wig will come down on your forehead. So, If the tape is too wide, cut it lengthwise, so it will be just wide enough to apply your unit.
  5. Now apply a thin layer of your choice of adhesive. Its best to apply the adhesive with a toothpick, to make sure you are not putting too much adhesive on your skin. If you are using a clear adhesive, let it dry 5 minutes. If you are using a cream colored adhesive, let it dry until the adhesive turns clear. This is also generally about 5 minutes, but can be longer if you put the adhesive on too thick.
  6. Repeat step 4 & let this 2nd layer dry 5 minutes also.
  7. Repeat step 4 again & let this 3rd layer dry 30 seconds.
  8. Now position your unit & start pressing into place starting with the center of the front hairline. You should bring the lace right up to the edge of the glue so they will seamlessly blend together. Its best to do the pressing with a rat tooth comb & not your fingers, to avoid an oil residue.
  9. After you have pressed the wig in place, using a warm hair dryer, go along the front hairline & blow dry the hairline, while pressing down on the edges with a rat tooth comb, to ensure that the bond is taking place. Spend about 5 minutes blow drying. If you have a hooded dryer, sit under for about 10-15 minutes for an extra tight bond.
 10. Now that the front is finished, wait approx. 30 minutes before you do the back, nape of the neck area. (note: If you sat under the dryer for step 9, you only need to wait an additional 15 minutes, before starting the nape area.)We suggest that you wait to ensure that the front is dry.
 11. For the nape area, repeat the same procedure of steps 2-9, but do it for your nape of neck area. For this step, you will not need to sit under the hooded dryer.
 12. Once finished repeat steps 2-9, for the area by your ears. For this step, you will not need to sit under the hooded dryer.

We recommend that if you plan on doing additional styling, cutting, or trimming to your unit, that you wait 30 minutes until after the final step has been completed. To see videos of application techniques, we suggest you visit & for your search type in: lace wig & lace front wigs.

These instructions can be amended and/or updated at any time. For latest practices, give us a call at: 800-714-3189 or 901-201-5039.

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