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Care & Maintainence
Last Updated: 12/23/2010
Daily Care & Maintenance

For all of our Remy hair products, we only recommend the use of Brandywine Wig products. We have found that sing regular products that are formulated for Human Hair will lead to shedding, tangling, & matting of Remy hair. Unlike the hair that grows from one head, once hair has been cut to make a wig, frontal, or extension, the hair no longer receives nutrients or oils that our bodies normally provide. These oils are essential in breaking down chemicals that are normally found in regular human hair maintenance products ( i.e. - shampoo, conditioner, gels, oils, hair sprays, etc). So when you apply the regular human hair products, to Remy hair, the products will weigh the hair down, because there are no natural oils being excreted through the hair shaft, to break the products down. It's in the weighing down of the hair, that the hair will shed & when it becomes too heavy, the hair can lock or matt together.

We recommend the use of only Brandywine products, because they are made especially for Remy hair. We do not provide support for any other hair products, hair dyes,  hair rinses, or any other chemicals that are on the market. Use of any other hair products can and/or will result in permanent, irreversible damage to your unit. We cannot repair, replace, or refund for a unit that has been damaged by products.  Just using regular human hair products once, can result in permanent damage. Use of any  hair products, outside of Brandywine products, will void our satisfaction guarantee for your product.

For the Brandywine products, we carry their complete line of accessories. To view the available items, please visit

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