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What is your Custom Wig Order & Deposit Policy?
Last Updated: 12/24/2010
For Custom wigs these iems are made especially for you. Once you place a custom order, you have 3 days to call & make a change to the custom options of the wig. After 3 days, we cannot make any changes.  We try to move as quickly as possible to have your order ready ahead of schedule and this is not possible if we allow continuous changes throughout the manufacturing process.

Deposits & payments for custom wigs are non refundable. So if you decide to cancel your order or not complete payment, the monies paid will be paid to cover the fees that were associated with us starting this order for you.  The deposit paid for the custom wig cannot be used to offset another puchase on our website. The deposit will be considered forfeited if your order is not paid in full. This policy is binding to all custom orders.

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