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How To Apply A Lace Wig
Last Updated: 12/24/2010
Start out with clean hair. You may corn row hair to the back, or pin hair up into a flat French roll, then place a stocking cap on.

Clean the skin around the outer edge of hairline all the way around with rubbing alcohol.

Put lace front on from the back then gently pull forward to see where you want hair line to fall, (optional), use an eyeliner to mark where the edge of hairline falls, or make mental note.

Flip or fold top half of lace front back, carefully apply a small thin line of adhesive.
Remember,(a little goes a long way). Carefully fold lace front down right past adhesive and gently press down until it is Secured and in place along the forehead.

Continue this process behind the ears, wait a few moments (approximately 5-10 minutes) before securing the back flap at the nape of your neck.

Once the unit is secure and dry, you may use a Q-tip along with solvent remover to clean up any residue on skin. Be careful not to get it on the edge where you've attached it, as this will cause the lace front to begin lifting.

Now, Enjoy your beautiful hair!

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