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Can I add highlights or color the hair at home?
We recommend that you enjoy the hair in its natural color & do not color or apply any chemicals to your wig.
Can I braid the hair?
Yes. Our wigs are all 100% human hair. You can do all of the things with these wigs, as you do with your own hair.
Can I wash my wig, while wearing it?
It is possible for you to wash your lace wig while wearing it. You just want to be sure you are very gentle while doing so. Your main focus needs to be is getting all the hair strands clean and do not
Can I wash the hair?
Yes, but make sure to always wash the hair while keeping it in a ponytail. Never submerge the hair in a sink of water. With all wig orders, we will send a detailed pamphlet on how to take care of the
How do I take care of my lace front wig?
Use quality products specialized for Remy hair to care for your wig. For example, clean your system with a mild shampoo, use cream type conditioners that do NOT contain Lanolin, polymers, or heavy oil
How long do the wigs last?
The durability of the lace wig unit will depend on your activity level and how often you wear the wig. On average remy human hair wigs last from 8-12 months. Halfway through ownership, most individual
How To Shampoo A Lace Wig
Run luke warm water in a sink in your bathroom. Hold the unit by the front rim, run the wig under the running water, going from left to right. You can do this about four or five times to be su
I don't see the color I want. Can you make it?
We can make any color that you may want. Please email the picture to Customer Service & include all pertinent info & we will reply within 1 business day.
What is Remi Hair?
Remi hair is a great type of replacement hair. It's at the top of the market for replacement hair due to its incredible appearance, durability and strength. Remi hair is real, human hair so you know t
What's the longest hair available?
On average the longest hair we offer is 30 inches.